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Common Text Transformation Library http://cttl.sourceforge.net/

Production rule functions

  1. CTTL grammar example
  2. rule_adaptor.cpp
  3. Production rule function formats
  4. rule_formats.cpp
  5. rule_traced.cpp
  6. Function objects
  7. functor.cpp

CTTL grammar example

Keywords: rule_adaptor.cpp, const_edge, rule, fractional numbers

Production rule function formats

Keywords: rule_formats.cpp, rule, functor, function object, global function, member function, static member function

Keywords: rule_traced.cpp, CTTL_TRACE_MESSAGE, CTTL_STATIC_RULE, CTTL_MEMBER_RULE, CTTL_TRACE_RULES, traced function calls

Function objects

Keywords: functor.cpp, std::unary_function

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