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Common Text Transformation Library http://cttl.sourceforge.net/

Logical input position: cttl::node

  1. Node constructors
  2. Node identity test
  3. Node assignment
  4. Node swap
  5. Node comparison operators
  6. Node navigation
  7. line_navigate.cpp
  8. Node character access
  9. Text insert by cttl::node
  10. Node functors
  11. node_functors.cpp
  12. Node grammar adaptor

Node constructors

Node identity test

Node assignment

Node swap

Node comparison operators

Node navigation

Keywords: line_navigate.cpp, go_line_home, go_line_end, node, offset, line

Node character access

Text insert by cttl::node

Node functors

Keywords: node_functors.cpp, string_array2string, const_edge, policy_space, lexer, parser, word_parser, std::for_each, node_insert_go, node_insert_stay, isalpha, rule

Node grammar adaptor

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<<< Substrings     Table Of Contents     node::find_class() and node::rfind_class() >>>